this is female privilege

As I’ve said before, Dr Phil is my guilty pleasure. This was one of my favorite shows.

'Todd says he was shocked and appalled when his ex-girlfriend's mother, Diana, accused him of sexually molesting his 4-year-old daughter, Taniya, and turns to Dr. Phil to help clear his name. But Diana says she's convinced he's done the unthinkable. Who is telling the truth? And can Dr. Phil untangle this web of shocking accusations?'

I’m going to spoil the end for you, Diana (the grandmother) was lying. She lied about Todd molesting his daughter so that her daughter (the mother) could get custody.

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    Dr. Phil is a disgusting human being that exploits people’s issues on national television so that he can make loads of...
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    when the feminists are done telling rapists not to rape they should probably tell people not to lie about rape for...
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    I don’t care that she’s probably an old lady. Put her ass in jail.
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