this is female privilege

Does anyone else find it ironic that seemingly the only people telling women they are disadvantaged, lesser and unequal, are the people supposedly fighting for them?

Did I miss the bit where telling people they’re oppressed is supposed to make them feel empowered?

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    It’s strange. A few women in real life tell me how awful they have it. But a lot of women on here feel totally...
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    Nah hun you being ‘happy’ isn’t the problem the fact that you feel the need to shout ‘oh im not oppressed!’ is what the...
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    Your whole spiel slams the individual experience because of global issues. It’s almost as if you’ve intentionally sought...
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    is there a catchy term yet for the “you’re creating/perpetuating this -ism by discussing it!” argument? because if not,...
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    Yes women are oppressed because people on the internet are talking about how women are an underclass sexism only started...
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    I’m going to tell you a story - a true story! - to explain the problems with your reasoning here. My grandparents are a...
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    It looks ironic at first, but that’s only because you’re looking at it from the wrong perspective. Let me redefine the...